Leading Hospital in India Cures Iraqi Boy’s Deformity with Non-Surgical Procedure

ortho1A six-year-old Iraqi boy born with a rare congenital disorder that only worsened after multiple corrective surgeries in his own country has got a fresh lease of life, thanks to a non-surgical procedure deployed by a senior orthopaedician working with a city-based leading hospital in India.

The boy was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital (AMC), a rare disease that affects one in every 15,000 newborns across the globe. The condition refers to non-progressive, congenital neuromuscular syndrome characterised by severe joint contracture, muscle weakness and fibrosis. The level of deformity was such that it had bent his legs to 120 degrees, with multiple surgeries only making his condition worse.

Senior orthopaedician, at the hospital in India who treated the boy, said, “I have never come across or read about such a deformed case. One in 50,000 to 60,000 kids undergo deformity to this extent.”

“Due to extreme deformity in the knee area, open surgical release was not possible. A surgical correction would have created huge defect in the skin and arteries would need grafting post-surgery. There was risk of loss of limb. We did not have the option to conduct surgery on him,” Doctor added.

boyAfter weighing all options, he opted for gradual correction through the “Ilizarov Ring External Fixator procedure” where screws on the apparatus are turned three to four times a day, promoting a small three-mm correction in the bones each day.

The gradual procedure lasted around six weeks and after 50 days, there were visible signs of improvement in the boy’s condition. The non-surgical procedure resulted in substantial correction in the shape of his knees, ankles and feet.

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